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Glass-lined vessels play a role of primary importance in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry.

For example, where problems involving corrosion or the purity requirements of a product are decisive, glass-lined equipment is often the only, or at any rate the most economical solution.

The application of a coating of glass to a base or support of steel in fact gives rise to a product with exceptional properties: as strong as steel and as inert chemically as glass.

All the resources of TYCON technoglass have been devoted exclusively to the manufacture of glass-lined equipment.

The quality of the company's glasses and their glass-coating technique today make available extremely reliable glass-lined equipment even for processes involving high pressures and temperatures. Pressures up to 50 bar, temperatures up to 230°C and sudden jumps or surges in temperature of up to 150°C are some of the design parameters that give an indication of the considerable extent by which the field of application of glass-lined equipment has been enlarged.

The characteristic fragility of glass is today no longer a problem with glass-lined steel. The danger of cracking or failure of the coating due to an impact has been notably reduced and in any case any possible damage can be easily repaired since it is limited precisely because of the bonding of glass to steel to the point of impact only.